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About Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike , the world’s number one online
action game series, is a first-person shooter
developed by Valve Software, the creators of the
renowned Half-Life series. This team-oriented
online shooter pits terrorists and counter-terrorists
against one another in round-based combat set all
over the world. Using the power of the “Source”
engine, the original Counter-Strike has been
completely remade as Counter-Strike : Source—
offering upgraded graphics, levels, and the
implementation of a new physics engine. Counter-
Strike will never be the same!
First released to the public on June 18th, 1999,
Counter-Strike began as a simple fan-produced
mod for Half-Life. Thanks to a series of steadily-
improving beta releases, the mod started to foster
a progressively-enlarging and dedicated following.
As the fast-paced, tactical game play was refined
and improved, and as new concepts and maps
were introduced, Counter-Strike moved from
being a mere Half-Life mod to an entirely new
With the release of Steam, Valve’s digital content
delivery system, Counter-Strike found a new
footing within the gaming community. Counter-
Strike’s first single-player chapter, Counter-Strike :
Condition Zero (Developed by Valve and Turtle
Rock Studios), was a great success, bringing many
new features and upgraded graphics to the classic
game. The release of Counter-Strike : Source only
helped boost the series further towards its now
legendary status. Counter-Strike is about as close
as you’ll ever get to saving the world; or destroying

-Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
-Counter-Strike: Source
-Counter-Strike: Extreme
-Counter-Strike: Online

Coming Soon:
-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Early 2012)



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